Scotland at Night

Towns and Roads.

Fruit & Veg Map

Working with Food Charities in Scotland to promote healthier eating.

Brexit Infographic

Life is complicated. Brexit is too. Do you have something complicated you need to communicate? We can help you see order in chaos with our bespoke infographics

Buffalo Truck

Logo Design for Scotland’s Best Food Truck, 2017 & 2018.

Food System Infographics

Joining the dots in an entangled food system.

Biodiversity Hotspots

A geographic analysis showing the distribution of endangered species.

Nail This Puppy

Poster design.

Scotland By Numbers

Scotland in illustration, created to support a campaign… Shetland not yet coloured in…!

Scotland’s Land

A geographic assessment of Scotland’s agricultural land.


Logo Design and Branding for a Travel Start-up.


Contextualising stories, developing interesting and engaging graphics.

The development of Scottish Marine Protected Areas


An in-depth analysis of the distribution of the world’s albatross species.

Inner Forth Infographics

Showcasing a project’s success.