Food System Infographics

Joining the dots in an entangled food system.


Logo Design and Branding for a Travel Start-up.

Fruit & Veg Map

Working with Food Charities in Scotland to promote healthier eating.

Buffalo Truck

Logo Design for Scotland’s Best Food Truck, 2017 & 2018.


Contextualising stories, developing interesting and engaging graphics.

Nail This Puppy

Poster design.

Scotland’s Land

A geographic assessment of Scotland’s agricultural land.


An in-depth analysis of the distribution of the world’s albatross species.

Scotland By Numbers

Scotland in illustration, created to support a campaign… Shetland not yet coloured in…!

Biodiversity Hotspots

A geographic analysis showing the distribution of endangered species.

Inner Forth Infographics

Showcasing a project’s success.

Scotland at Night

Towns and Roads.